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I am a lot of things. I enjoy energy healing with colors, crystals and reiki. I give messages through clairvoyant and clairaudescent readings as well as the tarot. I talk with Angels and Spirit guides and sometimes deceased loved ones. My website is

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This week's energy - EMOTIONAL!

So many people have heightened emotions this is not a coincidence. Different energies come into the universe and affect us all. This week it's a very strong energy that removes our "mask" exposing all of our emotions, insecurities, corrections and flaws. Awareness of the energy can help you deal with it and grow rather than succumb to it. It's hear to help you, not to hurt you.

Everything we need to be healthy and cure disease is in the earth. Lessons that I have been hearing over and over in my life and I'm finally understanding.

Text your donation to Haiti

I work for a Wireless Factory, I took this job for less pay and greater reward. Yesterday i worked with the Salvation Army to set up the ability for donors to text the word HAITI to 52000 and donate $10.00 on their cell phone bill.

My Goal to heal and serve humanity

I visited Sedona, AZ. I see my dreams coming to life. I want to open a healing center to train healers from around the world.

Nicotine Fit

So why quit smoking? What's in it for me? Why stop indulging in tobacco? Life tastes and smells so much better. My coffee tastes better. I can actually taste the honey in my tea and smell the salt in the ocean air.

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