I confess:  I started smoking cigarettes when I was 12 years old.  I could blame my mother or my father, both of whom smoked heavily.  But really, the choice was mine and mine alone.  I can tell you that looking back, I never expected that cigarettes would be an addiction that is so incredibly hard to shake.  When I was told it was bad for me (at age 12), I never thought that at age 37 I would be smelling tobacco in my lungs a full week after quitting.  I thought I would be able to walk away without looking back at another cigarette whenever I wanted to.  It's an addiction.  I imagine the withdrals are just as bad as any heroine or cocaine withdrawls.  I now have a new found respect for anyone who has conquered any type of addiction. 

So why quit smoking?  What's in it for me? Why stop indulging in tobacco?
Life tastes and smells so much better.  My coffee tastes better.  I can actually taste the honey in my tea.  I went to the beach and smelled the ocean air, just sat back and breathed it in.  It smells good.  I can actually smell the salt in the ocean air.
People don't crinkle their noses when I enter a room full of non smokers.  I'm not embarassed by the smell of it any more!
I feel CLEAN!  My "smokers patio" is now a reading room, full of incense and candles.
I feel HEALTHY!   I can actually work out on the treadmill without loosing my breath.
I work with Angels and Spirit guides to give messages to human beings.  How can I set a good example to others when I am a smoker?
I don't feel like a hypocrite any longer. 

So it's worth the withdrawls.
It's worth going through the crankiness and the shakiness. 
The tough part will pass.  It gets better every easier every day.

So quit with me.  Be a quitter.  Be a non smoker for the rest of your life.