This week's energy - EMOTIONAL!
By Psychic Melody
Published on 03/3/2010
So many people have heightened emotions this is not a coincidence. Different energies come into the universe and affect us all. This week it's a very strong energy that removes our "mask" exposing all of our emotions, insecurities, corrections and flaws. Awareness of the energy can help you deal with it and grow rather than succumb to it. It's hear to help you, not to hurt you.

Time to take off the mask...what?  You don't want to?  Well, you don't have much choice.  The energy field present in the universe this week removes it for you.... like it or not.  Those emotions that you have buried deep, the ones that are private and painful, that you prefer to keep inside and not outside are sure to come front and center into your reality.  The mask is off, now why did this happen?  The energy is here to help you.  So that you can see these things from inside that you need to deal with in order to move forward in your progressive growth.  How can you deal with it?  Well...take a good hard look at it.  Don't blame others for upsetting your emotional applecart...look inside that cart and examine each apple.

For me one of my biggest flaws is the fear of receiving love.  Giving it is not a problem.  I give freely.  But I am afraid that if I receive it, that it will hurt when it's gone or if I find out later that it wasn't true.  I have sort of known this about myself, but this week it's in the front of my world.  I guess I'll take a bite of my apple and figure out where to go from here.