I recently started school for Massage Therapy in the evenings.  I'm excited, it's another one of my callings.  My teacher has introduced me to a world of healing that I never expected to learn about during Massage Therapy School.  It's herbal medicine.  In this country, herbal medicine is illegal (except in a few states).  In most countries, especially those with socialized medicine, it is encouraged and legal.  After all if you think about it...in Mexico, Equador and similar places...the government pays money if people are sick...since healthcare is government funded...so the goal then becomes to keep them healthy.  Here in the US, the government makes money if people are sick...and try to get good treatment if you are on medicare or medicaide...I've heard nightmare stories about that.  so therefore there is no such thing as a doctorate degree in herbal medicine here in the US...and if you say you can cure someone with herbs, you could go to jail. 

I started reading up on herbs.  Let me tell you, when you open any book on herbal medicine, you will find cures for everything.  I recently cured my daughter's teenage acne with a few items from whole foods.  Please don't turn me in.  I am amazed that it worked, and in only a weeks time she is acne free... Over the years we have tried everything including prescription creams and soaps!  Nothing worked!  But I think if I tell you that it's a CURE then I am breaking the law.  I can only tell you I tried and it worked for her.

On another note, I recently saw the movie www.houseofnumbers.com .  It's very interesting and it tells you to ask questions about HIV.   Let me be clear:  Even though I am educated and was certified in working with HIV patients during my days as a nursing assistant, I still had that little voice inside me that said:  Be careful around people with their germs, you could get something like this that is deadly.  It creates a social block that is hard for even the most compassionate people to overcome.  I even have an HIV positive friend and love him dearly, but had a little mental block with things like not wanting to touch his sweat or mistakingly drink from his glass!  This movie removed those blocks for me.  I highly recommend seeing the film if you possibly can.  It makes you ask questions about our system and the disease in general. 

The drugs prescribed to patients:  are they helpful or do they keep these people just sick enough to stay alive and long enough for the drug companies to profit?  Where are their priorities?  Are the tests really accurate?  If it is a virus that affects the immune system, then why are drug companies giving drugs that weaken the immune system?  Do as many people really have it as the numbers portray or is it all about fluffing the numbers to get more government funding?  (So I then checked out the CDC website which says: that currently 1.1 million people in the US have HIV, but...BUT 21% don't know that they have it...so how do they know?  Or is it that if the number is over one million that they get more funding?) Do you think that maybe this dis-ease can be cured by simply building the immune system up strong enough to fight and shed it on it's own?  If someone tests positive but then lives with no medications for 20 years and healthy (and this is now happening all the time) what does that mean? 

I have no way to experiment with this concept, on this particular dis-ease personally but I do believe it.  If I was diagnosed with an incurable, dis-ease then I would try anything on the earth to fix it.  I would try not to be scared into taking medicines that could kill me.  I believe that God's earth can cure anything....we just have to find it in this earth and use it.  So I heard from a friend of a friend who's name I will not mention that there is a guy who has something that he can't say will cure it as well as maybe cancer and other terminal illnesses because he could get in trouble, or even share the fate of others in this world who have gone against the "general" plan of the 2% of very rich people who rule this planet...(like MLK or Kennedy) but if I had an incurable, I would check out his "incurables program" at www.herbdoc.com .  It's a bit costly, but not if you consider that it's a really small dollar amount to risk for something that could save your life.  I'm just putting it out there because I want to see people get well and take a chance on getting well instead of making the system and such authorities richer...  And I really believe that it can work.  If you are cured...then the guy makes no more money, if your doc can't cure you but can keep you comfortable on drugs for a long time, then he makes more and more money and so do the drug companies.  So ask yourself...who benefits most from any method?  Ask yourself who profits.  Ask questions that are hard to ask.  So please if you read this and you have or know someone who has any kind of dis-ease that they have been told is not curable...HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Liver failure .... whatever... share this with them and pray for their healing. 

A special note on sub saharan africa, the AIDS capital of the world:  The movie says that in Africa you don't have to have a test to get diagnosed with AIDS.  You just have to loose 20 pounds and be sick....well if I lived in a war torn country, where there was not enough food, and I didn't have access to clean water...then I might loose 20 pounds and get pneumonia.  The numbers in Africa are over 30 million living with AIDS.  But is it a different problem entirely?  Is a lot of it simply opportunistic illnesses that anyone living under those circumstances would be more likely to get?  Ask yourself...? 

I have had chicken pox.  I will always test positive but I will never be afflicted with the illness again.  My best friend was exposed to TB.  She never got sick, isn't sick and will always test positive for TB.  It might have been a different story for her if she had been homeless on the street and had no clean water or enough nutrition.   Is HIV any different?  I'm not sure anymore.  I heard stories of people who have been healthy for 18 years + just by not taking the HIV meds (at this movie) and keeping a healthy immune system.  What about Magic Johnson.  He's not sick, he never died, I dont think he's on medication.  He has the finances to make sure he has a healthy immune system.  He was diagnosed about 15 or 20 years ago.  The guy will probably live to be 100 years old.  These people haven't been sick anymore than I have been.  I get a cold or two a year.  But they test HIV + and I don't.  Is there really a difference between us?  Does it just show up like a titer for MMR or TB or Chicken pox.  I had swine flu last year.  I am healthy.  If I go test for swine flu antibodies...will I test positive?  Will you run away from me if I do?

Obama recently received a lot of critisizm for pulling the AIDS funding from Africa and instead using the same funds for treatment for pneumonia, tb, clean water, water filtration, food programs etc.  So...read between the lines...he knows the truth.  There is a way to cure this dis-ease without the $1000 per week medications that really kill.  It's proper nutrition.  It's boosting the immune system to the max.  He is critisized, yet he is really saving lives.  Unfortunately if he says the truth, he risks his presidency and maybe even his life.  I'd rather see him quietly address the issue for now....maybe if more people in the US population have success with natural methods he can then support it without critisizm or fear...?

Well, I've said a lot, but it's been on my mind.  I love the human race and all that we are here to do and learn.  I hope that people read this and start asking questions that lead them towards ascention and enlightenment.  I hope that someone bigger than me, with a louder voice...steps up to the plate so that more people can hear about how things need to change, about how this country needs to wake up and save our people instead of letting the few bad people lead us towards illnesses and death.  If anything, learning about this stuff has reminded me to question everything.  Don't take anything you are told and just accept it.  Look at it all with both eyes and your brain/third eye too.

Much love to you all.
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