Just when I think I am over the sting of rejection someone comes a long and let’s me know I am far from being where I want to be. No matter how much positive feed back we get, it only takes one negative remark to reduce us down to our all time lows. Many of us will remember someone judging what we had created as a small child. We immediately felt that what we created wasn’t any good. This is where our need for approval started to take priority over our need to create, and our genius was lost. When we create for the sole reason to be loved and accepted by someone else our creativity is lost. Every time we have result oriented creating we are at risk for being hurt. No longer is it about what we’ve created, but someone’s opinion of it. Osho said it best when he said. “Any man who has any sense of his own individuality lives by his own love, by his own work, without caring at all what others think of it.” What is creating if not for the joy in the process of doing it? While waiting for approval all joy of the creation has been lost. You may say, “ I want to make money by using my talents and creations,” but I say, if you are doing something you love then you would do it whether you made any money doing it or not. While you are looking for the approval of others you will find you have lost your own. All of your faith in your natural talent and gifts will evaporate. To be successful at what you do, you must be like water flowing down stream. The water takes any avenue that’s in it’s path. It doesn’t worry about whether it’s the right one or not, it knows it has many directions to flow into. If a tree falls down or a rock rolls in the way, the water simply goes around it and keeps flowing. Don’t get so set in your ways that you think you know the way. Let the universe guide you to new and satisfying experiences that you may never have thought possible. Follow the path that is laid out before you and enjoy your journey. Don’t be afraid and think, “Oh, what if I go the wrong way or make the wrong choice?” In the end all roads lead to the same place, just where you are supposed to be.