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Put On A Plastic Face

We are supposed to be getting smarter at manifesting and understanding how life works, but it seems we are going the other way. We do things a certain way because it is what comes natural, but now we are being instructed how to be in order to be successful.

Spirituality Overload

High achievers like to treat their spiritual journey the way they work their jobs and compete at their sporting events.

99% of the time when you feeled irritated you are being drained of energy. Instead of being mad at yourself for being irritated take a look around and see who is sucking your energy.

The Spiritual Path

Everyone has their own idea of the "right" path you should take when it comes to spirituality. I can tell you there is one destination in the end, but many different ways to get there.

Sensing Blockages

Many people want to open their chakras and to energize their systems. You must learn to detect a blockage in order to do this. Read below why blockages occur and how to remove them.

Understanding Your Chakras

These wheels of energy hold the key to all of your stored emotional experiences and can keep you separated from your true self.

Understanding Emotions

Emotions are good, even the ones that feel bad.

Forgive? or Forget?

The moral of the "moral story" is no two people think alike.

Any limiting belief you have decreases your ability to manifest. If you can release your beliefs you can increase your power. A belief is nothing more than something you have agreed to and that doesn't make it truth. We believed in Santa Claus at one time too and it wasn't real. Nothing else we believe has to be true either unless it is doing us good.

Growth Takes Time

You did't plant a tomato plant and expect fruit tomorrow did you? As I held my first child I knew their worthiness and loved them, yet they had done nothing. Doesn't that mean that we are already worthy and already loved and that there is nothing to prove?

All of the masks we wear in order to fit in or feel accepted eventually completely cover up who we are and pretty soon we don't feel comfortable anywhere we go. It is as though you have left parts of yourself behind and it is increasingly harder to be authentic.

Maybe It's Ok to be Negative

I am sure the title of this blog got your attention. Why is it that so many of us are negative at times no matter how many self help books we read telling us not to be?

Can't Wait to Meditate

Somewhere along the line someone told everyone they have to "quiet" the mind. This couldn't be more wrong.

Breast Cancer Survivors

Looking for information from breast cancer survivors.

What good does it do to rant and rave about the wrongness or rightness of yoruself or another person? It is all dependent on which side you are on. So forget about right and wrong and just deal with the feelings that have risen because of it


Most times when we have aspects of ourselves that we don't like or are ashamed of we try to make them go away. It won't take very long to figure out that the more you try to make something go away the more persistant it becomes.

You Can't Go From 0-10

We didn't come here to be perfect, we came here to learn how to perfect, and that comes with making a few mistakes along the way.

Kundalini Experience

Somehow I gained an understanding that there is no need to change or to be any different than who you are. No matter how you would change you could never be everything to everyone, so it is most important to be yourself for yourself. Better put," To thy own self be true." couldn't be more true.

Everything comes back to us with the same intent that we have given. Build a future of good things by having good thoughts.

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