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When a release comes there will be sobbing, tears, and emotions that are way beyond what you can imagine feeling. There is a sense, an awareness, a knowing, that something has been released from deep inside of you.

Release the Past

There are two ways to look at the unfortunate things that happen in our lives. One we can play the victim and blame the person who has wronged us. The other is we can be grateful for the experience, learn about ourselves, and change what is bringing these types of experiences to us.

Repeated Emotions

There is a way to clear away this reactive mind clutter and live a more peaceful life.

Stop Hiding And Be Who You Are

Accept the challenge, you don’t need to avoid people to avoid separation. The reason you feel this way is your higher self will not join you in your expression of your unauthentic self. That is where the awkwardness comes from. Every step of the way your higher self communicates with you letting you know when you are off track.

Pain The Motivator

The intensity to which you feel is the motivator to propel you ahead into what is next for you. Nothing makes you try to advance your soul more than when you are uncomfortable. Whether it be physical pain, emotional pain, or mental pain, you are not going to go very long without searching for a new way to make yourself feel better.

Put Your Name On It!

One of the hardest things about starting a business or expressing our gifts is exposing ourselves to those who know us. Why is this? Shouldn’t we be most comfortable with those who know us and love us? Yet, they are the ones we are most afraid of and do our best to hide our true selves from.

How I Got Hooked On Yoga

I use to believe that we were tight or couldn’t get into poses because we were inflexible. I have now come understand that it is the deep seated emotions that are held in these areas of the body that are what are holding us.

The Roles We Play

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step out of your character and allow yourself to be who you really are? It can be painful to live in the confines of the person everyone has gotten to know and expect. These roles can be so dominant with in us that we are tricked into thinking that we are being ourselves when we are far from it.

Jealousy, Anger, Suppression

Know that you should be your biggest fan, your most loyal companion, and the first one to stand up for yourself.

Every moment matters, whether you experience the result of it in this lifetime or the next, we are creating our own reality.

We All Crawl at Different Ages

Leave others to discover their spiritual development on their own, just like you did.

Don't let your self image prevent you from enjoying your life.

Attaining Enlightenment

Buddha once said, " In all things, strive for balance."

What To Do About Gossip

Have you ever been caught in a group where there is a lot of gossiping and you don't want to be part of it? Here are some very good ways to deal with it.

Life's just an illusion, none of it matters, that's what is being taught in many of the new age spiritual books.

Giving Advice or NOT

Giving out advice is not much different than giving out money. No one values it when it's offered with out being asked for and chances are your going to be out your time and energy with little to show for it.

Just Say What's On Your Mind

Do you ever find yourself backed into a corner when someone asks you for a favor or to do something you would rather not do? Do you try to avoid the missile by making an excuse or telling a half truth?

Action Verses Activity

Remember, life isn't living you, you are living life. How much of your creative energy is being taken up by activity and how much action is really in your life?

Guided Meditation

Let's take a flashlight and have a look around inside and see what we find.

Annoyed by Company

I have a good friend that comes to visit me for a week each year. We have a good time, but I find that by the end of the week I am irritated and can't wait for the last day to come so I can drop her off at the airport. Then I feel like a bad person for feeling that way.

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