Sometimes I have to wonder what the purpose of suffering is. I pondered this and some inspirational thoughts came to my mind. Often times when we are struggling emotionally, physically, or mentally, we just wish it would get better and that it would go away. You may wonder, why did my marriage fail, why did I have lousy parents, why did I lose my money, health, and overall sense of well being? Why do some people seem to have it so easy, and have such good lives? If you signed on to gain insight, wisdom, understanding, and overall growth, having an easy life may not deliver that to you. The intensity to which you feel is the motivator to propel you ahead into what is next for you. Nothing makes you try to advance your soul more than when you are uncomfortable. Whether it be physical pain, emotional pain, or mental pain, you are not going to go very long without searching for a new way to make yourself feel better. We’ve all heard the phrase,”no pain, no gain.” We laugh about it even though there is some truth to it. When I think of all the research I have done when my back hurts, or I have some sort of struggle in life, I am amazed at the learning and growth that comes from it. My shelves are lined with books with teachings of every kind. Where did they come from and why did I buy them? I was in pain. Whether it was the passing of my parents, the ending of a friendship, physical or emotional pain, I was drawn to be more, to learn more, and to become more. I wanted to become the kind of person, parent, friend, wife, that I came here to be. To search out and pull out what was hidden from myself and others. There is no better way to become great than through experiencing pain. Until today, I use to complain about pain, I wished I didn’t have to experience it, but not anymore. I just came to the realization that without my pain I would not have become the person I am today. So resist wallowing in it and embrace it like one of the most educational experiences you can have. Look at where it has brought you, what you have learned from it and it will change your relationship with it. Without pain we would not know when we were lost, we could be off the trail and wonder for years without noticing anything was wrong. Pain is a feeling that will never stop until it is recognized for what it is, a motivator. Once you do that you can appreciate your pain, and most likely it will just go away because it is no longer needed.