One of the hardest things about starting a business or expressing our gifts is exposing ourselves to those who know us. Why is this? Shouldn’t we be most comfortable with those who know us and love us? Yet, they are the ones we are most afraid of and do our best to hide our true selves from. I have long loved to write about experiences and to share ideas about our emotions and what they mean. I could tie this blog to facebook and twitter but, something in me cringes at the thought of being exposed. What if my “friends” found out that there is another side to me? A deeper side, one that means so much to me and is so vulnerable that I have to protect it. A side that I have never allowed them to see. What if they think I am weird and not the person who they think I am? I think it all boils down to staying in the comfort zone. There is a need to be what people expect us to be. It is a deep seeded issue with in myself and I believe with in others. We hide some of our greatest gifts so we fit in. We try to be what others have cast us as in their life stories, and we give up our own because of this. Stepping out can be a freeing and expanding experience. It is one I know that I need to do. There may be those who find fault in us but, that isn’t what really causes us to hide. We hide because we have not allowed our true essence to be seen. We can use everyone else as our reason for hiding but, that really isn’t the truth. The truth is we have allowed ourselves to be molded and made into what ever form will be accepted. There comes a time, a tipping point, where the soul expresses itself and wants to be heard. You will know when the time is right. It is much the same as a fruit on a tree becoming right for the picking. Each day it grows bigger, stronger, and becomes more beautiful and more appetizing until finally it has to be picked from the tree or it will fall to the ground. Our souls are growing and expanding so that they can ripen and be enjoyed. If we do not allow this process to happen eventually we will just fall away and our gifts will never be shared with the world. So, put your name on your creation and stop hiding. You will be amazed at what else your soul holds in store for you once you allow it to be free. Stop judging your creations and stop predicting that others will do the same. In time you will see that the good far out weighs your worries and fears. Not only will you feel fulfilled and happy you will have made a difference in the lives of others as well.