Did We Create This Life Before We Got Here?
By Robird's Words
Published on 04/18/2012
Every moment matters, whether you experience the result of it in this lifetime or the next, we are creating our own reality.

Sometimes I get this urgency, this rushed feeling, to get everything in that I can in this life. Do you ever wonder why this is? Do you meet people you feel as if you have known before? Are you drawn to things for no apparent reason and many years later they end up being a huge part of your life? Once I was introduced to the idea of creating my own reality it seemed like this feeling was perpetuated even more. It almost seems like there are moments when I get flashes of what lies ahead of me in my life. A sort of remembering that now when I look back I can see that perhaps I already created most of my life before I even got here. No one knows the speed of manifestation or just how long it takes to create our experiences. Maybe it is somewhat influenced by our vibrational frequency, which could be very different for all people. At about age 13 when I was in the 7th grade I was sitting in math class and a young boy entered my classroom. When I looked at him there was a strong knowing and a block of thought that said, “There is your future husband, take a good look at him.” At 13 I was a little taken back, but it wasn’t long and we became boyfriend and girlfriend and are still together now nearly 40 years later. That was just the beginning of many of the same kinds of knowings. I was very drawn to tennis for some odd reason when I was very young. No one in my family ever played so there was really no foundation for it. As the years went on after I had my children I took them both to tennis lessons. I was busy working and didn’t have time to take it up myself, but somehow it felt good to see them doing it. Then at about age 43 after both boys went off to college I decided to treat myself and my husband to some lessons. We both loved the sport and grew together in our abilities. At age 50 we sold our business and we moved half of the year to Naples, FL. Tennis became a huge part of our lives and we play nearly every day and have made so many wonderful friends while doing it. So was it all just a coincidence or was there a little remembering of the plan even back in my younger years. I could go on and on with stories similar to this and it seems to me that if we pay attention we can catch subtle clues along the way of what lies ahead of us. Life is a fun fascinating adventure, one I doubt any of us will figure out, but one thing is for sure we are definitely not just randomly experiencing things we are creating them. Every moment is important because whether you experience the result here or in the future the outcome will reach you at some point along the line.