Guided Meditation
By Robird's Words
Published on 04/2/2012
Let's take a flashlight and have a look around inside and see what we find.

Would you like to do a meditation that would really reveal a deep understanding of who you really are behind all the shoulds and masks that you wear? A big part of meditation is trusting in the information you receive. Intuition is the same as any other process we go through in our bodies. If we lift weights we trust that in time we will build muscle, our apearrance will change, and we will get stronger. If we eat right we trust that we will be healthy and maintain a good body weight. If we work hard we trust that we will be prepared for the future and rewarded for our efforts. Why would increasing your intuition be any different. In order for you to have a stronger knowing and increased awareness you have to trust in what it is that you know. In doing this your intuition will build and become stronger and stronger. Your understanding and knowing of things will become clear and precise. Here is a meditation that I have used that is very helpful and can get you on track. Get into what is the most comfortable positon for you. Close your eyes and create a vision in your mind of yourself walking down a street towards a house that is you. Imagaine every detail as you approach. What color is it, what does it look like, is it two story or one, how is it landscaped, is there a porch, how do you feel as you approach, and so on? Now, step up to the front door, can you see in, is there a window, do you feel you can just walk in, or do you need to knock? When you are ready open the door and walk inside. How does it smell, is it sunny, dark, colorful, are there any noises or people in the room? Gather all the information you can. Let your eyes travel all around the inside, is there anything that stands out? Imagine you have a flashlight in your hand and if there is something you can't see then shine the light onto it. Nothing is hidden from your view. You have a full undestanding of who you are and what your life is about. You trust in all you have seen and heard and are completely open. Are there any revealing or surprising aha's or is there anything revealed to you about yourself that you had not considered or looked at? Stay in the house as long as needed, if there are boxes open them, if there are other rooms explore them, if there are people there speak to them. When you have spent enough time inside the house make your way back to the front door. If there were things in the house that you didn't like decide that those will be left behind. Take a deep breath and step our of the door closing it behind you. Make a clear decision that everything that was good or that you wanted is with you and everything that is not good or unwanted is left behind. Place your hand on your heart and make a declaration that this is my house, this is where I live, inside of me. After seeing all the things that may have lived in you at one time and shinning a light onto them it will be easy for you to realize what parts of the house were you and what parts were piled onto you from the outside in. This is a very powerful and informative meditation. It is very important that you begin here with trusting in the feelings and information that come to you. I would like to share with you that when I did this practice I was very surprised at what happened. I approached the house and on the outside it had a very nice large wrap around porch. I had always wanted one of these on my house, but have never had one. When I opened the door it was so bright I couldn't see a thing. At first I thought this is stupid, but I kept going and reminded myself to trust. I stepped inside and was blinded by the immense white light. I kept asking myself what is this, how can I make an observation if there is nothing but this bright light. I just stood there determined to wait for something. All of a sudden my inner voice spoke to me and said, this is where all of your light is Robin, hidden here inside of you our of view. I was so awestruck by the truth of those words. I had spent all of my life in hiding, feeling I didn't want to be seen, or heard, or noticed. It all came tumbling in. I realized in that moment that I had contained all of my light inside of myself. The house meditaion will show you who you are and when you leave you can take with you who you want to be and leave behind anything that doesn't serve you. I would love to hear back from you if you have a good experience while doing this meditation, I hope it works as well for you as it did for me.