Do you ever find yourself backed into a corner when someone asks you for a favor or to do something you would rather not do? Do you try to avoid the missile by making an excuse or telling a half truth? I find myself in this position more often than I care to be. I think I have finally learned my lesson this time around. Do you have someone in your life who every time you see the phone ringing you cringe because you know they are going to ask you for some kind of favor? Do you scramble to come up with an excuse that only seems to cause them to turn up the volume even more? These people thrive on getting their own way and simplifying their lives by complicating yours. Instead of trying to sugar coat it you have to learn to be in your truth and be more direct. You can't say, "I don't think that is going to work." You have to say, "That isn't going to work." Don't be surprised if that doesn't stop them. They may come at you again and push harder and that is when you have to hold your ground and speak the truth. You may have to be blunt and say things like, "I'm sorry, no." The minute you add the I don't think so, or maybe I could later, you have opened the door for more and more overatures. I have had this experience myself and I think these people are put in our lives so we can learn a lesson. I had such a person in my life and the more I avoided and the more I made excuses instead of just saying no the worse it got. Finally, I was so irritated that I started to not like myself. As hard as it is to set healthy boundaries, it has to be done. There are those out there who will ask you to drive their kids to school, give you a grocery list, drop in with out calling, and prey on every talent you have for free, if you allow them to. So be ready, be armed, and just say no. It's a two letter word that has one meaning. That 's the only word people like that can understand.