We All Crawl at Different Ages Are you wondering why some people seem to be just blindly living their lives without going any deeper than the surface? Do you try to strike up a deep conversation only to see a set of blank eyes looking back at you. Are you so excited about sharing what you have learned and shocked to find out that others aren’t so excited to hear about it? Babies crawl at all different ages and we reach our spiritual maturity in much the same way. Why isn’t he or she walking? What is wrong with them? Just like a baby needs to allow a development within their own body to occur before they can crawl so do we need to reach a certain development before we can expand our spiritual nature. I have touched on the chakras in other blogs I have written and I plan to go into more details about them in my upcoming blogs. One thing you need to understand about your energy centers is that they are what governs your spiritual development. Until they are stimulated, circulated, and released, you are not physically capable of receiving the understanding needed to grasp many of the ideas that we are talking about. I hope that this understanding will make you have a little more patience for the friend or relative who just doesn’t seem on board with your way of thinking. It isn’t that they are closed minded, it is that they have some other developmental experiences they need to have before they are ready to take this next step. Be careful now, don’t get the feeling that we are elevated or that we are further along than anyone else because that isn’t necessarily the case. We all choose things we want to learn and perfect in our life times and all experiences are rich and worthwhile. There have been many spiritual teachers who have gone astray, so I want to make it completely clear that being spiritual does not put you up any higher than anyone else. In our humanness we will continue to have set backs and make errors in judgement and make some poor choices along the way. We have chosen a path that we feel can help us to achieve some higher aspects of ourselves. Many choose other paths and also achieve higher aspects of themselves. It is important to remember that we are not here to perfect everyone else, we are here to perfect ourselves. This is an individual journey. Working on your energy centers and gaining an awareness of what is stored there can be a very daunting experience. On the one hand the deep understanding of ourselves can be very rewarding, but the emotional upheaval that often comes along with it can make it difficult for us to navigate. It can be hard on family and friend who don’t understand what it is that you are so involved in. Remember to set an example by your behavior and leave the spiritual unfolding of others to themselves for when they are ready to receive it, just as you did.