If you read the first blog on spinal breathing and have been practicing it for a few weeks it is now time to add to the practice. It is important to become proficient at doing the first part easily without thought before adding the next step. While doing the spinal breathing and focusing on the spinal nerve running through your spine begin to look into your third eye at the center of your head between your eyes. Now observe the spinal nerve from this new point of focus. Instead of taking your concentration from your mind up the spinal nerve you are now going to use concentration from your third eye or your inner mind. You may find it a bit more difficult to do it this way at first, but with practice you will get better and better at it. Once you have accomplished effectively doing the new practice we will add more to it in the upcoming weeks. Begin to focus on the perineum and put your focus on your third eye. Imagine now that you are looking at the spinal nerve through the third eye. Use your metal focus to begin bring your energy up the spinal nerve while watching the flow with the third eye. You may find it difficult at first to hold the vision of your spinal nerve. It is very easy to do with just your imagination, but more difficult using the third eye. With in a week or two of doing it this way you will become very good at it and it will be as easy as the first process was. Do the practice in the same way as you did the spinal breathing practice in part one and you can refer to the past blog to refresh your memory. LIttle by little we will add to this practice hence increasing your ability to focus and to dictate movement of the energy up the spinal nerve. By doing multiple practices your mental focus will increase and become more powerful. This is a test of your will and your persistence. This is not an overnight process, but it is one that will be well worth your efforts if you continue it. Keep in mind, quitters can’t be winner’s. :)