Don’t Want to Hear What you Already Know? Many of us are spending a fortune on therapists, channelers, and just about anyone that is willing to confirm what we already know. Sometimes it takes a stranger to make us move in our lives. Too bad our trusty old self who has been there from the start carries so very little influence in our decisions. We are so afraid of trusting ourselves and making a mistake, that we ignore our inner knowing and continue in relationships and patterns just for the sake of being safe. Why is it if someone else says, “Quit the job, get out of that relationship, or move to another community, it makes it so much easier to do?” It’s because it takes bravery to go it on your own and to trust that you really do know what’s best. Sometimes it’s just not good timing, but the most important thing to do is to acknowledge the truth to yourself. Say to yourself, “This is how it is, but for now I am going to choose to leave it this way until I am ready to do it another way.” In this way we can continue to grow our intuition and guidance rather than squelch it by not listening to it. Once we acknowledge our inner knowing we can become peaceful again, but if we keep trying to ignore it, it will only get stronger and more persistent. I think so many of us think that pushing things out of our thoughts is the right thing to do. We are supposed to be thinking positively aren’t we? Not necessarily true. Getting guidance on a variety of topics, such as our marriage, jobs, and friendships, is very helpful. Some where along the line we have come to believe that any negative thoughts are to be banished. We are foolish to think that the only form of good guidance is positive guidance, some of the most rewarding things in life come after very difficult times. It is in the contrast that new ideas and circumstances are born. Listen to yourself, don’t be so quick to judge. Sometimes it will hurt to know you are not loved as much as you have loved or worse that you have agreed to settle for that. Nothing in your life will affect you more than not allowing yourself to know the truth. So even if you are not strong enough to leave that relationship, that job, or move, know that when the time is right you will do the right thing. We all think that when something ends we were not good enough, but that just isn’t true. In the end we finally learn that there is a place that we thrive, a place that feels so right to us. We wonder how it took so long to find it and why there were so many detours and wrong turns along the way. In the beginning life is like a puzzle, it’s hard to find places for the pieces to go, but as you go along they start to fit together easier and easier, until one day you sit back and look at the completed picture.