Why Past Lives are so Important Many people have little interest in learning about their past lifetimes. Some don’t believe in them at all and those that do think they are in the past and so let’s leave them there. Where the problem comes in is if you have a similar situation occur in this lifetime that you had in a past lifetime. For example: Someone I know was having a tremendous amount of trouble sleeping. No matter what she did she was not able to get a restful night. During a reading a channeler told her that she had had a past life where she was a watcher of a gate. It was her job to see to it that no one entered unnoticed. Many peoples lives depended on her staying awake. In this life the woman moved to a gated community and this is where the trouble began. The small similarity of the gate stimulated her past life unconscious memory of staying awake. Once she was made aware of this past life and how it had bled into her current life she was able to regain her sleep. There are many things we are unaware of that are stored in our unconscious. Many of them come into play in our every day lives without our knowledge. The more we know about who we were and what we did, the more we can avoid situations such the one I just mentioned. What ever is made conscious is no longer unconscious and it doesn’t hold the power over us that once it did. If you have the opportunity to learn more about your past lives you may find it very helpful in your present life.