Intent and intuition seem to go hand in hand. I never really realized it until recently that the more attention and focus you have on someone or something, the stronger your guidance becomes. I’ll use raising my kids as a good example. I seemed to sense and know things that I should have had no way of knowing. My desire for them to do well was the center of my focus. I made their favorite foods, picked up things I knew they would enjoy, and l spent my days thinking of them. It seemed liked I was so in sync with what they were doing, that I almost knew immediately if something was wrong or if any trouble was brewing. I couldn’t understand how other people didn’t know what their kids were up to. I know now that they most likely had their focus elsewhere. We’ve all heard it before, “Why didn’t I see that coming?” To see it coming you have to be in tune and to be in tune, you have to be focused. Almost every time a marriage fails, we haven’t been giving it enough focus. When you pick up the bouquet of flowers, leave the note, or make that call to say I love you, you are paving the way to be in tune with your loved one. In doing this you will know when things are off balance, and most issues can be resolved before they become too big. You will pick up in the air intuitively how they are feeling and what is needed from you. When you keep them in your thoughts, you become connected at a very deep level and you will know when they are in trouble, or if your relationship has gotten off track. When something is the focus of your thoughts and attention, you are immediately supplied with everything you need to know on that subject. I know it seems like a no brainer, but I think it’s worth mentioning. We all know what a well tended garden looks like, but we don’t always think of the rest of our gardens in our life the same way. So if you want a successful career, loving relationship, great kids, and meaningful friendships, put your focus where it needs to be, on them.