Many of us spend much of our time clinging to life. Even those of us who believe life is eternal still can’t get beyond the idea that we must do something to preserve or prolong it. What if our own end was already decided? What if we were living out a plan and what we did had little to do with how the plan was going to go? What if how you looked and felt had more to do with that plan then it did you? That is a scary idea for many of us because we would have to let go and letting go is never easy, especially if control is an issue for you. If only we could believe that everything will be how we want it to be and that control is an illusion and we are exactly what we think we are. It isn’t so much what you eat or how you take care of yourself as it is how you feel about it. This would explain why some people living totally unhealthy life styles can be doing fine and have very few health issues. Then there are others who are doing everything right and are full of aches and pains and have numerous other problems. Maybe just maybe it has something to do with attitude, allowing and control. No one is saying go out and live an unhealthy lifestyle, but instead live in a healthy balance. Each of us has to decide for ourselves where to draw the line, but I think having a good sense of balance is key. There are just somethings in life that are fun and bring us joy. An occasional ice cream sundae, a glass of wine, and maybe even a burger and fries now and then. Make a decision when you do it you are going to celebrate life and do it joyfully and release yourself from guilt and control. Freedom comes in many forms and it is the one thing that our spirits crave. It’s no secret that a good diet and healthy lifestyle can make us feel good, but at the same time there is also something good about just letting go and using moderation. Whenever we start to control ourselves to the degree that we start to miss out on too many of the pleasures in life we set ourselves up for binges. Often time when we live high stressed lives we feel a need to compensate by doing everything else right. The only problem with this strategy is we set ourselves up for yet more stress when we fail to meet the high standards we set for ourselves. So change it up occasionally and allow yourself the freedom to choose. When your last day comes you will be glad that you lived your life joyfully and without excessive restraints. Be easy on yourself and congratulate yourself when things are going well and don’t make too big a deal out of it when they are not.