Samyama is an ancient process for manifesting your desires into the physical world. Is there something you have been wanting to bring into your experience? Is it possible you are trying too hard? Learn to gently put your desires out into the subtle levels of thought letting go into the stillness and the effects will be very powerful. Samyama is a gentle process that reduces resistance therefore increasing your ability to manifest. Sometimes wanting something really bad can have the opposite results you are hoping for. Try this easy method and let the results speak for themselves. After you do your spinal breathing meditation (see past post on this) go into a relaxed state. Say the word of the thing or feeling you are wanting to manifest. Do it in such a way that you are not really wanting it badly you are just putting out the idea of what it is you are wanting. Maintain a fuzzy faint feeling of the word you speak and then release the thought of it and just be in no thought for 15 seconds. Repeat this process a second time and then move onto the next request. Here is a great list of words you can use that can cover really important areas in your life. Love, Radiance, Unity, Health, Strength, Abundance, Wisdom, Inner Sensuality, Lightness. Remember sometimes less is more, just say each word and then ponder the faint feeling of what that word means to you, then release it and stay in no thought for 15 seconds. Do each word twice and at the end of the meditation just go into a relaxed state of no thought and let the universe do it’s work. It is best if you can do this practice twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. It works extremely well paired with the spinal breathing meditation and you can move right into it after you complete the 5-10 minutes spinal breathing technique. This is the stuff miracles are made of. Have some faith and make the effort to try this practice and stick with it, you won’t be sorry you did!