Stop the Pattern of Cutting and Running How many times in your life have you cut and run from relationships or situations that made you uncomfortable? How many times have you blamed someone else for how you feel? We should be grateful for these situations, but yet we do everything we can to avoid them and get away from them as quickly as we can. Someone you know buys an expensive car and suddenly your feelings for them change, you think they are extravagant, showing off, or think they are better than you. You are out at a gathering and a game is introduced that splits you and your mate up, you become upset, your heart pounds, and you come to the conclusion that these people are not who you want to be friends with. These are just a few examples of how what’s going on inside of us gets projected onto others. These are moments where great clarity and understanding of ourselves can be made if we are willing to step back out of the emotion and take a look at what is really going on inside of us. Ask yourself why some people are enjoying themselves when you feel threatened and can’t? It’s not that this is a threatening situation because you are the only one who is threatened. Try to forget about those who evoke emotions in you and focus solely on the emotion itself. Try to get a grasp of where it originated and how many other times in your life you have felt it. By facing it square on you will be able to resolve it. So instead of cutting and running, slow down, look at what is really going on inside of you and know that the people have nothing to do with it. They are only there to make you aware of something that is active within you. Once you are able to “deactivate it”, no longer will you be a slave to it. No one enjoys having emotions running out of control. It makes the best people behave badly. Be kind to yourself, search out the origination of the feelings when they arise and soothe yourself with non-judgement. Acknowledge that something over your lifetime or a past lifetime has caused this emotion in you to be very active. Many times we are ashamed of our emotions, we feel silly, petty, immature. Those judgements only make our emotions more active. Once we understand that all emotions are valid and we accept them lovingly they begin to calm down.