went to a funeral yesterday. a young man died on Aaturday. very sad loss. but it was heartening to see so many of his friends and family there offering there support' and celebrating his life. to see grown men cry is for me heartbreaking.many were in floods of tears. in short it affirmed one thing :people do care, whether you lose touch with friends or simple move on..people still care about you..if you have ever shared a moment or a laugh with someone (thats enough...its etched in your soul forever whether you like it or not) and this is heartening no??because you live on even in death..and this goodness can pass on down the line.. there was lots of talk yesterday about guardian angels' and the above..i dont know about this..but i do know that there is goodness all around us all we have to do is reach out for it.. R.I.P everyone that has passed