happy senior

Married and a great grand mother, I have lots of ways to help you seniors find a friend. Please try some of the ways to enjoy life more.

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Teach $ to kids

Does your child understand$$

Cleaning dishes

Save time!!


Meet someone NEW

meet a stranger

Go to the meat area

Get up!!!

When opportunity knocks, YOU must-----

Looking to meet someone?

Drop something!!!

hug a stranger

Pretend you thought of someone else

Lunch hour

Find some one during lunch hour!

Don't wait until next month!!!

New Year-New start!!

church tomorrow

Where will you set?

look when shopping

Ask advice of a stranger

ring finger

Is (he ---she) married?

senior citzens help 4 dating

#3 suggestion WHEN someone ask you out,

Senior Help 4 dating

Bump into someone!!

senior help in dating

Read my blogs if you need advice on dating, "Seniors", our days are going by too fast, meet someone these ways.

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