~Trying to Be Creative~ 
 Everyone gets tired sooner or later~ of things around the house inside and out~ Well~ now that summer is here  ~ I have an idea ~ for you outdoor enthhusiast~  Why throw away~ if you can circulate things ~~and reuse with a minimal amount of repair~
  Aww   that old lawn chair can easily be recovered with some small pieces of material~~ that we all have in the sewing room or closet~ 
 Maybe that old bamboo rake can be spray painted and put somewhere for a decoration~ in the back yard~
  An old coffee can~~~ can  be used for an ashtray with a bit of sand added ~~and set down in the corner~~ near a chair for an unexpected smoker~
  Maybe use an old crock~ that isnt being used for cabbage any more~ and add some colourful flowers   and set out near the patio ~Take an old dishpan and put some bedding plants in it and sit it up on a stump that was going to be thrown out  ~Of course you need to make a few little holes in the bottom for drainage~
 Also you can use a couple of old saw horses and some plywood  to make a table  out in the back yard for doing some transplanting or whatever you want it for ~
 Maybe it can serve as an extra table when you have a morning  tea or brunch~
 Im just  trying to be creative   ~   but i better stop here~