I love it when people mix consciousness, peace and music! It's just such a potent combination.

Enjoy the beautiful video trailer for Project-Peace on Earth, which is due in 2010. Their literature says, optimistically, "Peace has begun."

Its transformative aims center around the precept that "sound is the basis of form," and the filmmakers go on to describe the workings of string theory.

It is a set of concerts staged by leading musicians at sacred spots
around the earth: Egypt's Great Pyramids, England’s Stonehenge, Australia's Ayers Rock, Peru's Inca Pyramids, Japan's Mount Fuji, and California's Mount Shasta. It includes a concert tour bus "Crisscrossing the nation."

You can go to their website to learn what they are up to today. The entire endeavor is to raise funds for practical, immediate aid for children around the world: Food, shelter, safety, health and education.

The video footage includes inspirational ideas from luminaries as diverse as Casey Kasem, Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield. And as you look into the eyes of the children and ordinary people/mystics from around the world, I think you'll agree that enlightenment, for oneself and for the planet, isn't that impossible a dream, at all...