Grapevine Heroes

Here our bloggers share news of other people they have heard about through the 'grapevine' that have done good things that have caused positive change. This news could be about friends and family that a blogger wants to share stories about, or it could be news that a blogger has heard or read about in the news somewhere else in the world. Blog posts in this section are meant to inspire readers to do good themselves, but also to bring that feeling of warmth that be found in hearing about other's good deeds.
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Today is my birthday

How does the heart let go?

Mom and The Barber

We sat among four men, in a strange shop

Missionaries are People Too!

When a religious missionary knocks on your door PLEASE BE NICE TO THEM...
I do believe that humans while inherently evil have extreme capacities for compassion. It was two boys, a gay couple, and they looked so happy together I couldn't help but smile at them as I walked past and they grinned at me. Yes, people are evil, but little stories like this remind me that they are also extremely Compassionate, and there is reason to put faith in Humanity. This is saying a lot, considering I am a very optimistic obsessive compulsive pessimist.
Otto was a young man like many wearing the uniform of Hitlers army....
He's the director of a battered women's shelter called "Safety House".

This Story is True

Once he was a little boy.

Start Your Local Hugathon

Sometimes, a hug is all we need. Everyone has problems. To make someone who was once frowning, smile even for a moment, is worth it every time.

The best man...

He truly inspired me to be the person I am today...
As a tribute to Michael Jackson, let's look at the lyrics to one of his most poignant songs, Man in the Mirror.
Amazing, heartwarming story of a man who has made a difference in the lives of young boys.

The First Time

When you enter this class, on cue, you are to stand and say, "I am Black, and I am proud!"


They are coming home

The Umbrella Man

All that hear of his kindness are touched. Makes me think that going out of your way to be kind goes way beyond you and the person you are kind to. It's a ripple effect.
Local Pittsburgh man, spends a weekend helping others. He calls it the best weekend of his life!

The Birthday Club

Church woman form a Birthday Club and make wonderful mugs with flowers to give to nursing home residents. Birthdays are special times, and no matter how old you get it's nice to be remembered.

Pizzeria to help with coat drive

Christopher Cusack getting help from a local Pizzeria, helping him to achieve his goal of collecting 517 additional coats for children in need to wear during the winter.
A teenage girl was still in the hospital as she fought a bout of E. coli when the time her prom came around. She was upset that she wasn't going to be able to make it to her prom so the hospital staff created a makeshift prom for her.
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