Ladybugs and Dragonflies

Bio? What is this? How do you tell people that you are a caring person who; "still believes in the innate goodness of people, no matter how badly they seem to treat me or others" To show the world how to be by actions and not words, and to live a life of love with integrity. Not always working for the dollar, but for the person who may need more than they can pay for. I believe in the power of Three, The Power of the Positive in the Universe, and You.

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I believe.

Nearly at the end of my rope, and feeling the weight of added financial burden grapping at my legs monthly, I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and check out a public site for people seeking rents.

I moved my bag to the side went back and stayed with her, until the manager came.

Giving a gift freely

I thank the Universe that I have come a little farther than yesterday on my journey into tomorrow

Mom and The Barber

We sat among four men, in a strange shop

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