Alann Caskett

I am essentially a fabric of your imagination because you have no proof of my existence. But, that is why I have started to blog. Blogging is proof that I am alive, and not a fabrication of your existence. I am male. But, am I a male who dresses like a female? Or a female who wishes she were male? No. I am merely Alann Caskett, the blogger who thinks in his past life he was an undertaker, because who else would want such a last name?

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I do believe that humans while inherently evil have extreme capacities for compassion. It was two boys, a gay couple, and they looked so happy together I couldn't help but smile at them as I walked past and they grinned at me. Yes, people are evil, but little stories like this remind me that they are also extremely Compassionate, and there is reason to put faith in Humanity. This is saying a lot, considering I am a very optimistic obsessive compulsive pessimist.

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