The Umbrella Man

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There is a man in my sister's neighborhood, they call him the umbrella man. He goes to the parking lot of his local supermarket on rainy days and hands out umbrella's to those who need them.

It all started one rainy day. He noticed a woman coming out of the supermarket with her children. Already in his car, he passed her and gave her his umbrella. The woman was so appreciative. Well ever since that day, he went to the dollar store, and stocked up on umbrellas. Whenever he sees anyone without an umbrella, he passes one on.

What a great idea!  I'm sure it has touched the heart of those around that saw him, along with the impression it must have left on the woman's children. All that hear of his kindness are touched. Makes me think that going out of your way to be kind goes beyond you and the person you are kind to. It's a ripple effect. I just wonder how many of those people pass it forward.

I wish we could hear more of these stories in life.

I think the next time I go to a dollar store or garage sale, I will pick up a few umbrellas, and keep them on hand in my car. I may not hang out at the supermarket every rainy day, but I'm sure I will come across someone, somewhere, that needs one.