Last night I read in an online newspaper about children at a U.S. Catholic school, many who have relatives in Haiti. Their initial reaction to the news, especially the pictures, was horror, then fear of lost relatives—which has already come true for some of them—then confusion and anger at God. “What kind of a God would allow something like this to happen?” one of them asked.

It doesn’t make sense, does it? Why would a God of Love not use His creator-of-the-universe powers to stop such terribly destructive earthquakes on one small planet? I’m not sure, either, and this won’t help anyone grieving now, but I think it has something to do with Earth being a place where we humans are born to learn and grow and yes, suffer, to the degree that we are not on board the Love-train. I saw a bumper sticker once that said, “Earth: Dumping Ground for the Insane.” I laughed, but the more I look back at Earth-human history, the more I am appalled by the violence. Why do we divide ourselves by race or religion or holy blood or holy ground or nationalism, or become greedy leaders who instigate wars? Why do any of us believe we are superior to others? Why can we not see we are all the same children of God?

Does the human-centeredness that is so destructive to our planet cause earthquakes and this kind of tremendous loss of life? I don’t have definite answers for the children who want to know why. I know if my family was in a now-flattened building, I’d question God’s plans; when my sons’ father died, I was mad at God for a couple of years. I am certain, in spite of my personal emotional reactions, that there is a much bigger plan at work on Earth and that we each choose our lives, where we will live and for how long, before we are born. And after the day I left my body in 1997, I can say there is a real sense of peace and joy of being free of gravity once outside of the body. I hope that those who survived the earthquake can take some comfort from what I have come to believe: That their loved ones’ souls are first helped with the trauma of the way they died with a period of rest and care; then there will be a life review, a period for reflection, and help, again, with understanding the results of the actions they took during their lives. Does all this sound crazy? I guess it could, but it makes a lot of sense to me. We are each a cell on God’s body and other ‘cells’ are always there to help us grow. We call them our angels.

NOTE: Below is a paragraph quoted from Emerging Earth Angels. We can only use our instincts and intuition when trying to understand the cause of major earth events–if we can at all. I like this very interesting perspective from Karen Bishop:

A brief note on Haiti: The massive earthquake that occurred in Haiti this week created a monumental heart opening for the planet. The pain, suffering, and tragic loss it created opened our hearts and shifted the planet, pushing it into the heart space that it will be now operating from. These beautiful and giving souls who agreed at their soul levels to be a part of this experience, have served this planet in ways unseen for a very long time. As it was time at many of their soul levels to depart, they agreed to depart in a way that would serve the planet and take it to its new and higher level. Haiti will become a very sacred space, as it already has, and this event will be remembered for a very long time. It was a part of our very new beginning, and a part that will change the vibration and direction of our new world as well. These brave, unbelievably loving and precious souls, have given to this planet more than we could ever know. They have assisted in shifting the planet into its very new way of being that involves coming from the heart, and the honor and reverence I feel for them and the many other souls involved, goes beyond words.

With much love and gratitude,
Karen Bishop
January 16, 2010