Sometimes my thoughts get to going and I wonder things like, If we could meet up without our bodies, what would we look like? Do our essences still have strong passions, strong opinions? If we couldn’t arm wrestle to see who’s right, would we, um . . . shoot fire from our eyes?

Or, would we, from the perspective of our souls, see how thin our opinions are? Without skin, we couldn’t be racists. Without bodies, we’d see what it is we all have in common, what we really are, every single one of us: souls, cells on God’s body. In life, we may have super-powered our way to the ‘top,’ but without bodies, who’s at the top of the heap? God–to show us. If we find ourselves in a lifetime without the support of a loving family and the opportunity for a good education, who’s at the bottom after this life? God–to hold us.      

Different cultures, different religions, different appearances, different politics—it doesn’t matter. We’re all essentially the same. We have the same potential for goodness (and for evil). We have the potential for humility: Your opinion is as important to me as my own; maybe together we can figure this out. We have the potential for compassion: Your life is as important to me as my own; here, take my hand. We have the potential for blessing: I pray for you and you and you, even when you don’t know it. We can pass on little kindnesses that make a big difference, if only we will look up from our self-focus. How’s your day going? Is there anything I can do? Here, let me help you with that.

I can’t remember the exact statistic (I can never remember statistics), but years ago I read that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the original teacher of Transcendental Meditation, said if only ten percent of the world’s population regularly meditated, the whole world would change: the end of war, the end of famine, the end of murder, the end of disease and the destruction of Mother Earth. Even if the required numbers of meditators is higher than what I remember, doesn’t it sound great? Love, peace, joy, abundance. Ready to share?