I had another epiphany today as I continued on my quest to find health, happiness and positive energy. It's much in the same vain as my last post where I said that you if you want to change, you have to make the decision to change.

That post focused on how I made the decision to be able to breathe freely at night without the help of nasal strips. But a question in my head kept pestering me about that post. If the answer is to simply make a decision to change in an authoritative way, how do you make yourself believe it will work? Today, I think I discovered the answer.

You have to internalize the decision, you can't just say you made a decision, you have to let your whole spirit know you have made a decision, you have to allow your entire being make the decision, then it is an authoritative decision. Then the question is, how do you make your whole spirit aware of the decision you would like to make? The answer is visualization.

For instance, I didn't just decide to breathe freely at night without the help of nasal strips. I imagined myself breathing freely. I imagined how it would feel to just be rid of the stuffy nose, the swollen glands, gone. I imagined clear passages, fresh breathes, drained sinuses, empty, clear. I visualized it, I felt it, I internalized it. Then, for some reason, I really believed it could happen. Then, it was gone, like magic.

This wasn't just one fluke thing, too. About six days ago I had another amazing thing happen. I get eyelid infections all the time. It comes from being in a smoky room, from being in a windy climate for a prolonged period of time, from poor hygiene, etc... For these infections I put a prescription cream in my eye that contains antibiotics and prednisone. After years of using this cream I did some research on it and found out that excessive use could make me resistant to that antibiotic and do other bad things that I don't want to happen. So of course, I started putting the cream on and it wasn't working! I found it highly ironic that the moment I found out that the medicine might not work after prolonged use, it stopped working!

Sooo, 6 days ago, as my infection persisted, I went to my medicine cabinet, was about to put the cream on and said no, I can't do this anymore. I can't use this cream anymore. If my mind can make the medicine not work, the my mind can make the infection go away too. So I simply told myself, too bad, I just can't get infection in my eyelids anymore. I gave myself no choice. I visualized clean healthy eyelids, I imagined no more itching, no more stinging. I washed my eye thoroughly. I really believed that I would have to do this myself, and for some reason I just knew that it would be easy, go figure. The next day, I woke up and my infection was gone. It hasn't recurred since.

This leads me to my realization today. One of my main health problems is that I am too thin and I have gastrointestinal problems. So my epiphany was that for the past two years, since I lost a lot of weight, I have really internally visualized myself as thin, frail, and weak. So my realization was that if I want to change, I simply have to change my visualization of myself. So now I will imagine myself as full, strong, healthy, attractive, etc. And I will workout, and eat right, and do good things, in order to make what I visualize myself to be, a reality.

Point being, whatever you want to change, however you want to change, you have to make the decision to change, you have to visualize that change, and once that becomes internalized, you will start to believe it, and then you will change.