I have heard people (Great people) saying “If it is GOD’S will that someone has to starve, then HE is not my GOD”.I can understand one’s feeling when they say this.

But I graciously disagree to this. He, who is a true follower of GOD, can never raise eyebrows on GOD’S deeds. Let alone man, not even a single leaf can move without HIS consent.

Then why do people starve, why people get killed mercilessly, why do people suffer??

GOD is doing a great job of balancing or harmonizing.

Imagine if all the people in the world were equal in all respects.

Would anyone prefer to do the job of a farmer, artisan, mason, carpenter et al? No, nobody would. Which in turn means no food to eat, no shelter to live in et al?

Imagine if all the people in the world had car or any other vehicle. Would you be able to move about?

            What happens to a man after death? Nobody knows except GOD.

There is no guarantee that a man who was starved to death be an hotelier in his next existence. But it can be guaranteed that compensation will be done in any one of his future existences.

            Each and every being has to undergo all the emotions of life. The number of existences one has to undergo to cover all the emotions is dependent on the balancing or harmonizing done by GOD.

            The people who get killed mercilessly might have done the same brutal act in their past existence.

            As scientists say the distance between the galaxies are increasing and as per Big bang theory everything must have been close together before they started expanding. But Big bang doesn’t have any proof for the initial situation. May be someone might come up with a proof later on, if and only if GOD wishes.