He was lying on the sands of the shore gazing at the starlit sky. With millions of stars looking at him from the sky, he felt loneliness on the earth. I haven’t been of any help to anyone around me except for my close relatives, he thought. Am I selfish? Suddenly his wife interrupted his thoughts in the form of a cell phone. Where are you? He got up and replied,”am on my way back home”. He slid the cell phone into his pocket and strode along the shore. On his way he thought of the promise he had given to his wife and children of having a dinner at a famous restaurant. He saw a boy approaching him on his way. The boy wanted to sell something. He ignored the boy and continued his stride, though some portion of his heart had an urge to help that boy. The boy sat down on the sands in despair while the man disappeared in to the world of selfishness.