I still like to cherish the memories of that particular day. Indeed it was a great day in my life. You know why? It was on this special day that GOD decided to come to see me. I saw HIM for real, though in my dreams. Yes, it was in my night dreams.

       It has been more than a decade now since I saw HIM. Everyday before sleep I wish I could see HIM again. But years passed by, HE never came again!!   

       Why did HE not come again, I asked myself? Then my conscience told me” When HE came in your dreams, you were an innocent boy. Your heart was sacred and there was no ego, hatred, jealous, anger in your mind. But now, you have become a man”

       Yes, my conscience was right, Iam no longer an innocent boy which I used to be!!

 But iam not that bad either. This is the phrase that suits most of us. “Not that bad”.

 All of us, at some point of time show signs of ego, hatred, jealousy and anger.

 I know that these are the signs that I need to get rid off so as to see HIM again in my dreams.      

      But I will never give up. I will once again and for good be that innocent boy again!!