Gain, competition, comparison are all conflict.  It is all created by the mind.  The mind is conflict.  The mind creates time.  The mind creates the 'I' separate from existence.  When that happens, it feels as if there is an 'I' that is against existence.  There is no 'I'.  It is all an illusion of the mind.  There is no 'I' that exists.  There is only existing, being.  From that comes peace, love, and joy, spontaneously in the moment.  When there are no should's, musts, and have to's there is only peace.  There is only unfolding with no interference or attachment of this false 'I'.  The false 'I' feels like it is separate from existence and that it must fight and compete and win against these other separate 'I's.  It thinks it knows what to do.  Really it is only conditioned.  It is conditioned to do what it thinks makes it win.  In actual fact, anything the false 'I' does causes it to loose.  What happens is that anything it does causes further separation.  It wins by separating and alienating.  We have been conditioned to think this is the only way.  Think is the key word because any thinking done by the mind is alienating, separating, and fragmenting.  We are each part of a whole but we act in fragmentary ways.  These actions are the result of a fragmentary mind.  Everything is divided up into compartments that the mind sees as reasonable.  This has accumulated over thousands of years.  You are born and you are conditioned to believe that this is the way the world is, has to be, should be.  Surely there is another way than all the insanity that we see around us.