"Who are you?"  Have you ever seriously considered the question?  It is the most fundamental question that you could ever ask yourself.  But have you even asked?  I believe you don't know who you are.  Why?  Because I don't know who I am either...yet. 

For example, when someone asks you "who are you" or "who is this" the answer depends on who is asking you.  If your child's teacher asks, you might answer "I'm Andrew's mother".  If a client asks, you would answer "I'm the CEO of ABC company".  These are not who you are. These are just roles you happen to play.  You can see that right? 

Does it seem like you are wearing a different mask for each interaction?  Which mask is the real you?

The answer is...none of them!  What a relief!  Release yourself from the burden of wearing a zillion masks.


Start by subtracting who you ARE NOT.

First is the recognition that you are playing roles.  Just watch yourself as you interact with other people.  Are you trying to guess what they want to hear about you?  Can you hear the voice in your head contriving what to say next?  Are you trying to impress?

Second, notice that who you think you are is a dialogue in your mind.  What is the voice in your head saying about you?  Begin to be aware of the 'I am...' thoughts that you hear all day long.  Who gave you those ideas about yourself?  Thoughts like 'I am too stupid' or 'I am ugly' were absorbed by your mind at a young age.  Why are they still there?  What purpose do they serve? 

Third, as you observe the thoughts in your head, notice how you are the observer.  What this means is...you are not your thoughts!!  When you are noticing your thoughts, who is noticing?  It is like there is two of you...A) the thoughts saying 'I am this, I am that' and B) the YOU noticing and observing these thoughts.  This YOU is close to who you are. 

Think of it like this.  The thoughts (A) are like passing clouds and YOU (B) are like the sky.  The clouds come and go, but the sky remains.  How can an impermanent cloud be who you are?  You are the vastness of the sky...always present.

Make a practice of staying in your 'sky-space' as often as you can.  See the roles you play.  Hear those thoughts that claim to tell you who you are.  Notice your thoughts but don't get involved. 

You can do it!  You are on your way to finding out who you are!