What is the nature of the body-mind-organism?  What is the unconscious garbage piled up in the psyche?  The unconscious is the world, conditioning, society.  It's everything that molds, shapes, distorts actions.  It's conditioning. 

Constant awareness allows the unconscious to dissolve as it can't exist in an alert mind.  The conscious is the so-called individual with its likes, dislikes, desires, tendencies, prejudices.  This is the entity that hopes and craves security in believing and clinging to anything that promises its continuance.  Continuance of what?  These memories, hopes, fears.  These accumulated scars in the brain from unfinished business.  What is left unfinished is carried on to the next day to distort and twist actions.  It limits action in the moment to reaction based on the pain of a thousand yesterdays.  What is finished with, does not leave a mark in memory, to be continued on and act as a protective wall.  It is this accumulation of pain, hurt, and fleeting pleasure that wishes for continuance.  How small to wish that these trivialities continue. 

The feeling of 'I', 'me', 'mine' continues on as the brain remembers, records and accumulates.  The memories are used as self-protection.  By accumulating these memories, they can be used in similar situations to avoid pain and seek pleasure in the future.  We have a memory from which to perceive and act.  What is perceived is fearful, but there is a ready made reaction awaiting.  There is a feeling of security as if one is better prepared to fact life. 

In actuality, life is misconstrued and misconstructed by the very memories we use as protection.  Memories of the past painted onto the present.  There is no action from perception of what is there in the moment.  Life is very limited, sad.  With awareness, each moment is finished in the completeness that it innately is, perfect, never to return again as the same moment and leaves no scar.