You are ready for change.  That's why you're here right?  There are 2 options.  You can either use force to mold the outside world OR begin to create yourself anew.  I believe changing yourself is the only option.

Trying to manipulate the Universe is not a good idea.  It would take a lot of effort and how much energy do you have after 'the daily grind'?  It is an enormous fight just trying to get your kid to change his clothes if he spills on them.  It is way more difficult to persuade the Universe than a defiant child.  So, why fight the Universe and demand it should be different?   If you don't like what you see, it is time for a new way of seeing.  That can only happen if you take a look inside yourself.

You are conditioned to blame those outside of us for our problems.  It is even built into your anatomy.  If you hold your arm straight, your finger naturally points to those around you.  Similarly, your sight opens outward.  It is easier to see problems existing externally because that's where your eyes point.  Isn't it funny how every person you meet seems to be an expert on what's wrong with everybody and everything else? 

This finger pointing, judging, and blaming that you do on a small personal scale is the conflict that escalates upwards on a global scale.  If each person stopped contributing their share, would all of these problems exist?  What the world really needs is for you to develop your inner sight.

When you start to point the finger at yourself, and look inside yourself, you begin to see some ways in which you contribute to the way the world is.  Do you cut people off in traffic to feel a power surge?  Do you honk and flip the bird at people who cut you off?  Do you make a scene at Starbucks when they mess up your tall-extra-espresso- extra-hot-no-foam-low-fat-vanilla-latte?  What are the little behaviors that perpetuate the cycle of anger, sadness, violence etc.  Can these mini outburst of angry energy be transformed into the energy of peace and understanding?  Not to worry if you don't know how yet.  For the moment it's only important to see that you could be contributing...even just a little.

Can you see that by looking within yourself, and how you contribute, you are in fact changing the world?  The trouble is that everybody walks around thinking it's up to someone else to change, so they don't have to.  The fact is that it's up to you.  Can you see how important you are?  Every thought, word and action you allow already changes the world.  You change the world with your very breath.  Your exhale is what allows a plant to inhale.  Isn't that amazing?

 If you see how you contribute, and begin to change, you affect everyone and everything just by changing yourself. This takes a significantly less amount of energy than trying to get the world to morph into the ideal in your mind.  Now, every action and interaction has a different quality and flavor.  Each time you choose peace, you add peace to the Universe.  Could it be that simple?