Quite recently, I went to secondary school, where I noticed how many more people use fountain pens instead of pencils. I also noticed how many ink cartridges are used. Sometimes even one large one a day! Plus, these cartridges are not recyclable! So, if you do a lot of writing and use ink cartridges like me, you may be using up to 7 ink cartridges a week, which does not sound much, but 7 x 50 weeks in a year = 350 ink cartridges! One large ink cartridge weighs about 7 grams which is not much but 7x350 = 2450grams. Just under 2 and a half kilograms of plastic a year. And with millions of school children (the ones who use cartridges the most) in England alone, that is alot of plastic in the landfills.

So, what should we do? Is there a solution? Yes, there is. You can buy ink cartridge refillers and ink and they are very easy to use. And with many, ink pens you can just dip the pen in the ink and pull the piston and it will suck up the ink. You can save a lot of plastic.  Please listen to this! We can save so much plastic! Thankyou!