So much liiiggghttt!
By Kid Blogga
Published on 12/6/2009
Our household appliences use so much light! Open microwaves, freezers, fridges, telivisions etc! WOW!


We use so much energy just using household appliences, even if we don't realise it. For example, with things such as microwaves, freezers, fridges and ovens, a light appears whenever you open them or use them! And there is things we hardly ever notice. Alot of the time, when you turn off the TV, a red light appears to signal it is off. Even if there is nothing plugged in to the socket, the socket still uses energy if it is on. But it's worse because the energy is not even being used! When I charge my laptop, the charger has a special light to make sure it is on. How much energy does it waste? I have no idea. But I know there is no way to turn it off.

This is why I don't charge my laptop more then I need to. I also turn the socket off when I'm not using it. I shut the microwave and freezer doors to save energy and all that. So please, please PLEASE do it too. Becaause it's not you inheriting a deystroyed world. It might not be me either. But it will be my children. Or my childrens children. It could be very far away, but someone will still get it. And that is why we should prevent it for as long as possible. So please do what you can to help the world.

P.S. Do you have those twisty light that can go very low? If you do don't have them on full light! It's unnaturaul and if you turn it down you can save energy. And use instead of google. Its made by google and pratically the same but its completly black and uses less energy!