Spread a smile
By Kid Blogga
Published on 06/7/2009
If you smile at people they'll smile back. Make your day happier.

Have you ever noticed how if you smile at a person, they will always smile back, even if they are trying not to? Smiling is a perfect way for spreading happiness in a gloomy world. When you smile at people it will instantly make them feel better, make their bad day just that tiny bit brighter. It makes people feel that not everything is so bad. It gives people hope. If you smile at a person, they might smile at another person, who might smile at another. So start a chain of happy smiles. You don't have to smile because you got a present or someone just told a funny joke, extra. You can smile because you know that it makes people happy and it makes you feel good and happy on the inside to know that you have made someone happy. So change your expression to happy and see how many people you can smile at today.