By Kid Blogga
Published on 06/7/2009
We should treat our families better. Here are some reasons why.

Our families. They are people who care for us, who love us more than they love anything else. The people in our families are wonderful people. But we generally take families for granted. We love them but I bet you a million pounds that we don't always treat your family the way they should be treated. We shout at them when they are trying to do whats best for us and we ignore them because we think we have better things to do. Really we should be spending all our time with our families because you don't know how long your time with them will last. Any minute now, someone in your family could pass away, or move to a different place too far for you to visit them often, or perhaps you just fall out or lose touch with your more distant relatives such as your cousins or aunts and uncles, but we don't do anything about it. So make an effort to do more with your family. It doesn't have to take long and even little things like calling a relative for a chat or telling your parents about your day when they ask, instead of just grunting or saying 'it was fine'. Try to have more conversations with your extended family when they come to visit instead of rushing off to finish that game and try to suggest fun family activities to do perhaps once, or perhaps every week or month or year, such as having a picnic in the park or having a weekly movie night. And because you don't know how long it will last, make sure you enjoy it. Now, stop reading this blog and go spend time with your under appreciated family!