Eat less cow meat. It is a simple way to help prevent greenhouse gases ruining our enviroment. Cows are the bane of the planet. They produce methane gas which is more harmful then Co2 and they produce lots of it. Whenever they produce waste, burp or fart (don't laugh) they make methane. Did you know that cows produce more methane gas then all vehicles, trains and planes in the world put together? And that is not the only bad thing they do. People illegally cut down more and more areas of forest every year to make room for cow farms and grazing areas for them. The Amazon rain forest is shrinking at an alarming rate. There is a simple solution for this. Eat less cow meat such as beef, veal or steak and eat/drink less dairy  products such as milk, yoghurt, cream, cheese and butter. This is because if we stop buying so much cow products, the super markets won't need to stock so many of them, so that the people suppling the cow products don't need so many cows, therefore reducing illegal wood felling and the amount of methane in the air. I know that it will be hard, but you can always find other substitutes for cow products, such as goats milk and soya milk instead of cows milk, margerine instead of butter, goats cheese instead of normal cows cheese, other meats such as pork, or lamb instead of beef or veal, extra,extra. Plus you can always look up more substitutes on the internet. Any comments?