Forgiveness is a powerful thing. It can make the difference between friendship and falling out, make up and break up and even staying together and divorce. You should always forgive someone if you know they are truly sorry. Theres no point in holding grudges against people because it only makes you feel angry and spiteful towards them. If you forgive someone when they are truly sorry, it will make everyone feel better. The person your upset with, because they don't feel guilty and yourself because you don't feel so angry or upset with them. Say you have a grudge against somebody who...spilt hot coffee all over your work papers. They say sorry but you are still angry with them. Don't be. Being angry doesn't make you happier or more content with your life. It makes you bitter and grumpy. Try to forgive that person, instead of planning your ultimate revenge or talking about them behind their backs. It will make you feel much better. But don't forgive someone if you don't really mean it. That person will think everythings fine, but really, you are still cross with them. Prehaps you were good friends with the person you are angry with. Do you really want to lose that friendship over a silly arguement or accidental spillage? No. It may be hard to forgive someone but in the end, it is always the right thing to do. If you forgive others they will find it easier to forgive you when you have done something wrong. Forgiveness is more powerful than you know.