Every little thing makes a difference. It's true. Say you're driving your car one day, and you see a man waiting to be let in. You think to yourself, if I get to work early, I can get a coffee. So you drive on. When you get to work early, you are very pleased with yourself, with your piping hot coffee in your hand. The rest of your day is like any other day. Completly normal. But what happened to the man? You don't think a second thought about him. He'll just a little annoyed, thats all. But what really happened to that man? After all, you don't know anything about him. Lets just say, the man is on the edge of being fired from his poorly paid job, and he needs the money. He has a wife and two kids, and is looking after his old mother, who is mentally unstable. Life is hard. He is on the verge of divorce. And he's worried that his mother will be sent to a care home. He's already late for work, and he knows that he has to get to the ofice soon, before the meeting. He is in his car, and he's hoping to be let in. He sees you, and hopes you will stop. But you dont. You drive on. No one else lets him in untill a few minutes later. When he finally gets to work, his boss is fuming. The meeting was cancelled, because he wasn't there. The rich company was not impressed and decided the patnership was off. His bosss fires him. When he gets home, his wife is angry and upset. She shouts at him about how he cannot surpourt his family and she storms out, taking the children with her. He has to send his mother to a care home he knows she doesn't want to go to. His wife gets a divorce and he barely sees his children. All because you wanted some coffee. Everything makes a difference. So try to make some small changes to your life style. Have goal. Change the way you live.