Tattoo Artist......Bully vs Victim
By Nancey Collette
Published on 05/23/2010
finding common ground

"When one door closes, another will open". I prefer to walk the hallway where you find many doors open. The test, are you brave enough to step in. Over the past year, my life has taken many turns. Some good and some not so good. The not so good, I've used as a learning tool and am thankful for its teachings. Having grown up with polio in my right leg, I am all to familiar with how (for lack of better words) mean children can be to one another. In school i have been called names, made fun of, etc. The victim. Then you get older and learn to fight back, with a vengence. The Bully.  You go from one extreme (victim) to the other (bully) without even knowing. You think because you are no longer the victim, you've won the battle. Wrong!  Now you are doing to others what was done to you.  It takes many years to figure this out and how to deal with it, from the standpoint of having lived both sides. This has led me to a new turn in life, a very rewarding turn. I have always related well to young people as far as being able to get on their level. We can communicate.    I now give seminars at High schools, Middle schools, Work places on Overcoming Obstacles. I speak directly to the bully, the victim and the bully-victim. I have also become an advocate for both.  Helping victims rise above, helping bullies to find compassion and helping the bully-victim to find common ground is my mission.