Have you ever woke up and wondered just what you are doing in this world.   What have 'I' accomplished or not. How much money 'I' have made or not. Am 'I' getting ahead or not. For the past few weeks, the word 'I' has just stood out.  'I' as an individual cannot accomplish that much but 'WE' can accomplish everything. Does the phrase "We are His children" ring a bell?  It's not "I am His child alone".  Take athletes for example, yes, that individual made the accomplishement but what about the coaches and trainers = 'WE'.  It takes an 'I' and a 'YOU' to make a 'WE'. It personally gives me great pleasure  to give all recognition to another individual.  If 'YOU' want to get ahead in life, think 'WE" not just "I'.  Love yourself, yes, and others no matter where they are in life.
When somesone much different than yourself comes into your life, welcome that individual, they are there to teach 'YOU' something you need to know to get to the next level or either 'YOU are there to teach them. Sometimes you will never know which but the teaching is there.
Don't judge another based on status, clothes, job, finances, etc.Accept that individual as a 'WE' and learn.  'WE' were created in His image.