Hi Friends.  I hope everyone is well and all your dreams have been fulliled.
For many months now, I've noticed the word "past".  Lets look at our lives.  We can divide our lives into three sections: past, present and future. For the most part individuals tend to live in the past and plan for the future. What about the present, the now.  When was the last time you actually opened your eyes and looked at 'now' without bringing in the past or the future.  Everyone has a past. It contains good and bad. But....you cannot dwell on it, the good or the bad.  It's ok to remember it but then let it pass on thru.  One thinks they can recall every little detail, but you can't. When you think of the bad parts of the past, let it be ok. Look at it as a learning experience. Don't beat yourself up or let it bring you down. Maybe the learning experience wasn't just for you. You know the old saying "everything happens for a reason", well I personally feel thats it true. We all go thru bad things at one time or another and we all feel like it was to teach us a lesson. Maybe, but maybe it was to teach someone else a lesson, you just happen to be the one chosen to be the teacher. You are the one keeping your past alive.  It's gone, you can't reach out and touch it, you can't change it nor can you bring it back.  It's ok to remember it, just let it pass on thru. You then say, well everyone else keeps bringing it up, not me.  I say to that, they have their own issues. Let it pass thru, learn from it, or know that you helped another to learn.  Same with the good past. Don't live in it and wish.  Remember it fondly and let it pass thru. Live in the NOW. Live for TODAY.  You can plan for the future and that is perfectly ok. But, the future is not here yet.  NOW is here, TODAY is here. Be grateful for today / now and everything in it.  Notice someone's smile and smile back. Speak kind words to another even if their's are not kind to you. Remember, you never know when you are the teacher. There is not a marked line between student and teacher, you will never know which one is taking place, but you must be willing to be both and except it.  God placed man in a 'today' and gave him a tomorrow and a next day and a next day and so on. God did not place man here with a past. Think about it. We created Past.  There is another saying: Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Live In Today!