Faith will take you down many paths. These paths are as different as the stars in the sky.  God has created each one of us as a  unique being, after that creation the mold was broken.  Community life tends to lose sight of how extraordinary each created being really is.  Way too often we become numbers in a list or entries in a database.  Human beings has a tendancy to deal with their fellow creatures as if they were inanimate objects like shipments of coal, barrels of oil, or tins on a shelf.  Dealing with others in this way is taking away the uniqueness of each person, making a who into a what.

At its best this can block compassion and charity, since we are content to keep everyone at arm's length. At its worst this attitude gives rise to some of the most-appalling atrocities of which human beings can be capable.  No one ends up creating an Auschwitz or a Darfur without first ceasing to see the uniqueness of God's creation in every human face.
The salvation God provides is not like house insurance -----once the payments are made, then you are covered! 

Bring people into your heart!   Show compassion!

Think compassion, its a valuable assest in your heart .