By Nancey Collette
Published on 12/5/2009
What I observed this week

Some weeks you just notice more going on around you and the words BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER kept coming to mind.
Five miles down the road the signs start saying: right lane ends. Ninty percent of the cars are in the left lane and the other ten percent are in the right lane speeding so they can get ahead of everyone else.  Now, here they are, they have to merge, traffic now conjested if not stopped and the right lane people are yelling at the left lane people because they will not let them merge. Makes you want to go HMMMMM. Do what the signs tell you, they are there for a reason. I bet the signs are trying to keep everyone safe.
Your going down a busy road with many stoplights at 5:00pm and someone wants to pull out of a fast food resturant. All the cars on the road now get bumper to bumper in order to avoid one car getting ahead of them.Oh, and you dare not look at them.  Just be kind and let them out.  
Hold the door for someone, offer your seat to them. Offer a smile, don't pretend you don't see them.  We are all in this world together made in His likeness which make us all ONE. You just breathed the same air they breathed. Everyone doesn't get their own individual air. You are not in this world by yourself. We are here to love one another, no matter their income, their background, their anything. Don't look at a person (or yourself) based on their past. There past doesn't exsist anymore, it's gone. How can you let go of something that doesn't exist.  Look at the other person (or yourself) right now and BE KIND>